Monday, 11 February 2013

Smudboy Smash! Ep #2 Paragon Lost Smashed

A quick breakdown of the major errors we found in Paragon Lost.  We found 69 problems.  Maybe you found more?

Turns out the shuttle isn't a Kodiak; it's just a new type of Alliance troop transport.  The pilots simply like flying upside down in an atmosphere.  Hopefully after their team has geared up, and then locked themselves back into their safety harness, do they do this.

For the part of the anime that has some value, dramatic or otherwise, that is, Vega's choice, I still wish I knew 1) why and how the Collector Cruiser crashes into the planet, 2) how they actually saved Tria, and 3) how and why they ended up in the atmosphere.  Without showing or explaining why those things happened, the value of the choice -- it's believability -- is circumspect.


  1. Here's one:

    The Cerberus guy talked about transmitting the data to the Alliance just by pushing a button on his wristwatch. Why didn't Treya just push the button and send the data?

  2. Since I'm such a fan of "Which are your favourite *blank*" questions, will you indulge me this one? What are your favourite animes?

    I would have to say Mononoke-hime, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.