Monday, 5 January 2015

Making a game, looking for talent; Dragon Age Inqusition Plot Analysis in the works

You might've noticed I haven't been doing too many videos (at least, of my analyses) lately. This is due to me and a few others trying to come up with a game concept along with a Story Worth Telling.

It all started with Fixing ME3. My team was going to go all out, but we realized it's not our IP. Sure, you guys would like it, but it's so much work for little return. So, we're doing our own thing.

(Note: I will be doing a Dragon Age: Inquisition plot analysis. Bioware is on very shaky ground, so it took me a while to finally check it out. Such, DAI is very important, and will determine the level of respect I have for the company. I wanted various opinions from those who have tried, to see if it's worth the praise it's getting.)

We're at the point where we need some new blood: creative types. Not just visual artists, but engineers of all sorts. (Specifically, I think a creative director would be key.) So if you're interested in jumping into indy's your chance.

We're all learning Unity3D. We have a nice series of video tutorials for learning the basics if you're interested in learning. Everything else is good ol game design, and writing.

So, if you ever wanted to make a game based on a Story Worth Telling, hit me up. Leave a comment here, message me at smudboy at yahoo dot com, or leave a message directly to my youtube account.