Monday, 8 October 2012

ME3: Extended Cut Part 2

Here we look at the joys of apparently the most dramatic scene(s) in the Extended Cut, the goodbye to our most talked-up squadmate.  And the other one...who leaves with them, too, for some reason...?

It might've been somewhat dramatic if the entire scene wasn't completely contrived, impossible, and actually made some modicum of sense.  Like, some suspense, from the massive building shooting everything that moves?  Like large objects, like the Normandy?  It would help if Harbinger didn't turn into a massive statue, either.  But then, this scene wouldn't be possible.

Which makes the whole scene absolutely ridiculous. All for getting characters off the stage.

This is the equivalent of filling in one plot hole, by filling it in with the shit from several others.

In regards to my Project Eternity's Kickstarter contribution, all that money came from you, via Google Adsense.  My latest check from Google ended up being $243.69.  Hate or love my youtube vids, every view adds up, so thank you all for watching my ramblings.  One thing we can agree on is good storytelling in gaming, which has always come from the Interplay/Black Isle folk.