Saturday, 24 November 2012

A writer's reaction to ME3: Absolute Hilarity Edition.

Apparently, this fellow is a writer, and I couldn't help but respond to his post.

I'm hoping this is all satire and I'm totally missing the joke.  (This is a fellow who seems to enjoy The Star Wars prequels and dislike Skyfall.)

There have been a number of odd reactions to the ending of ME3, because it's absolute rubbish.  But I've yet to hear even one, sensible, intelligible, positive one, without having the individual profess some self-interpreted subjective rambling about ...well, incomprehensible schtick, really.  Are people just dumb?

After reading "In Defense of Bioware" by OsirisLord Games, Art, and the Art of Game Design" that youtube poster EmperorOfLols made, I couldn't believe it could get worse; but to a writer?  A person who studies and makes fiction?

Will the wonders of ME3 never cease?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

ME3: Extended Cut Analysis Part 3

Once again, I've trudged through the musings of insanity.  Special thanks to the various youtubers for raising legitimate questions I otherwise would've looked over.

It took longer than usual; not because it was an almost 40 minute video, but because of how depressing and painful it was to go through, as before with BoD.  I could've added more jokes, referenced the ME games with clips, taken more time, but I just wanted it to be over with.

Generally, I love analyzing things, critiquing them.  This started in college, where colleagues and myself would look at our own work, fiction, code, or otherwise.  There was a good sense of satisfaction and a feeling of helpfulness, when you can not only point out a problem, but recommend a solution.  Our stories would get published, our code would work more efficiently, hostilities would increase: things were fun.  We'd play Three Corridors -- a custom Reign of Chaos map on Warcraft III, a precursor to Defense of the Ancients fame -- late into the evening.  (I'm a bit of an elitist MOBA player, having played with Eul, and hosted about 2 years worth of RoC DOTA/Doomsday Stand games with custom banlist, back in the day.)

The ME series?  It's bad.  Illogical.  Incomprehensible.  Drawn out ramblings amidst a protagonist who shouldn't even be there, yet is.  And is no longer the character they were.

Writers, whatever you do: don't create "Question Explosions."  When every sentence uttered or behavior taken by a character, whose scope is the galaxy, whose timeline is billions of years, and is supposedly the most intelligent being to have ever existed, please have a way to subvert all that in a simple, intelligent way; else you're on a sinking ship to nonsensical rambling and lore destruction.

Despite my Bookends of Destruction series, I feel like I was looking at the ending yesterday.  It is still the worst thing my brain has touched.  So bad, had I forgotten most of the nonsense?  Luckily, my regiment of Baldur's Gate 2, and recently Icewind Dale, (and LoL for fun), has kept my otherwise painful month of critique in a high spirited gaming experience.

I suddenly remember I haven't touched Peace Walker in months...