Sunday, 9 March 2014

Interview with StarduskLP

My rambling interview with fellow youtuber StarduskLP. We had some audio problems at first so it's not the greatest quality.

Edit: StarduskLP re-uploaded the video with fixed audio.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fixing ME3: Submit your ideas.

Over the years, people have been asking me to make a Fixing ME3 series, similar to my fan-fiction-like version of the Fixing ME2 video series I did with a few others. That was a big effort, and ripped out and changed a lot of lore, characters and scenes. The pulling of hair, gnashing of teeth; great fun.

There are dramatic structural issues with ME3, but it actually had a plot to follow, so I never really considered it. Looking at the middle of ME3, it wasn't a train wreck, so there's some value there. You'd simply need remove the stuff that doesn't work, and throw in the stuff that does.

So I thought, "that's easier than what I did with ME2."

So here's a question to those interested: how would you fix ME3?

A few groundrules:

  • Do not include explanations or long, wild, fanciful expositions on the existence of things that don't work (e.g. Crucible, Catalyst, Cerberus, Shepard sitting on their ass for 6 months, etc.) Remove/replace and keep going.
  • With the belief that the intro/premise and ending are fundamentally flawed (See: Bookends of Destruction), you'd need a new Beginning and Ending detailed or at least summarized.
  • Explain why such-and-such new scene or character should exist. First, describe a problem (i.e. "Big Choices don't matter, like The Rachni.") Then, explain the solution to that problem (i.e. "The Illium Asari joins the Normandy, has updates in the War Room after every plot point, etc.") This is perhaps the most important point. The best advice here is: list all the things that didn't work, and deal with the big problems in an intelligent way. Assign the meaning, drama, plot, conflict, development etc.
  • Focus on the basics. If you want to talk about game play, include the dramatic or character value (i.e. upgrading Vanguard Shepard is more than just stats and unlocking abilities, but unlocks scenes/develops their character/character class.) K.I.S.S. Don't detail your amazing turn based card game design ideas.
  • (Corollary) Things that are major problems (e.g. EMS) can be fixed/removed/replaced with appropriate details.
  • Things with plot integrity, things that work, or are part of the main plot and it's missions, should be kept/expanded upon (e.g. Geth/Quarian conflict, Miranda/Sanctuary, etc.) Don't re-write the entire story, don't change characters without an explained recourse or purpose, do not submit your epic slash novella.

I'll take the best ideas, and then edit and combine them into a coherent story that I can make into a basic video. If you'd like to narrate or provide artwork for such an idea, that's cool too.

I wouldn't mind expanding this throughout several youtube channels on a playlist, that way, multiple people can narrate and tell a story their own way, and, they can get their own traffic.

This isn't going to be as big as Fixing ME2...we have an actual plot to work with.

So, leave a comment with your ideas below.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

ME3: Extended Cut Analysis Part 7

Spending a few hours last night building in 720x480 and realizing that I can't export to 720x480 and instead can only do 720x405, took longer than expected. (Okay, I can go higher, but that's pointless if you build in something lower.)

Interestingly enough, exporting "as is" without playing around with Premiere's configuration took about 40 seconds. Which gave me a file size of over 5.5 gigs. I'm not sure if my hardware is laughing at me or the CPU, SSD & GTX 765M were dying for a workout; they've been lazying about all this time.

So I'll probably spend less time exporting, next time around. I hope. The production process of writing, editing, and video clipping takes less time. I mostly put this on my new hardware.

Or it could be that ME3 is the gift that keeps on giving, the writing lesson that will always be taught, or the wound that never closes.

(I still blame put this on the synthetics new hardware.)