Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Going to IdeaCity 2014 Today

(It's like TED talks, but in Toronto.)

Check out the live stream:

IdeaCity is a bit different than TED talks. There's no question period. Instead, there are breaks where you can talk directly with the presenters, and schmooze to your hearts content.
-I got to talk one on one with Lord Christopher Monckton before he got to present, which was later in the day (apparently, no one recognized him, even after he was talking to musical prodigy Jack Forestier and his parents.) We talked for a good 20 minutes about climate change, and some of the events he's been involved in over the years (apparently trying to debate Canada's David Suzuki on Corus Entertainment's radio program, and having Suzuki send a surrogate instead.) He had to rush to lunch, unfortunately, as this was our break time. His 15 minute presentation was verbosely entertaining.
-There was also the mentalist Haim Goldenberg I got to chat with. His presentation was definitely the most charming, and probably surprised everyone in the audience of where he was going with it. He's been in Toronto for about 9 years. He also amazed some of our break-speakers with some more art tricks.
-And Janette Murray, the 60+ year old grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer, and then decided to go on a raw food diet (85% fruit, 10% something, 5% nuts), and ran 365 marathons in 365 days with her partner Allan Murray. They did a 366th on January 1st 2014 for the heck of it. Interesting presentation, and a good way to top off the panel on longevity (especially when we were talking about telomerase therapy with Michael Fossel, amazing work by Andrew Hessel in creating cancer targeted treatment with synthetic viruses & 3D printing, and Tanya Jones wanting to create an organ bank or at least an established system for preserving organs throughout the world.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Help me fight censorship

About a year in the making, I can finally talk about what's been going on, and holding me back all this time.

In this video, I formally make requests for donations on my arbitration hearing in Pennsylvania on July 8th.

If you have any more complicated questions about the case, feel free to ask them here.

UPDATE 6/4/2014:
StarDuskLP's video on the issue
LiberalViewer's livecast, (at 6:00)