Friday, 24 August 2012

ME3: The Top 20 Questionable Things Part 3

I'm finally done with all the collective ramblings and questions that are ME3.

Yes, I will get around to doing an analysis of Bioware's Extended Cut, but it's really, really painful.  No, I will not do a plot analysis of all of ME3.

I had to spend a few weeks just playing Baldur's Gate 2: Shadow of Amn/Throne of Baal.  It reminded me of what made Bioware great.  Storytelling.  Characters.  Interaction.  Impromptu conversations.  Completely optional plot lines and levels to explore.  Branching paths and ideas that games like Witcher 2 have embraced and pushed forward.  If a game is to be interactive, and grant the player choice to explore one path and not another, so should the story follow.

Anyway, it seems there are some Indoctrination Theory people in the comments who just can't let go of their own delusions, clinging as hard as they can to an interpretive scenario because "complete nonsense must be an interactive mind control dream."

ANYTHING makes more sense than the ending of ME3.  Because the ending of ME3 is the worst piece of writing in the history of video games, because -- for one of many reasons -- it's ME'3'.