Thursday, 20 September 2012

Project Eternity

A fellow youtube commenter suggested I check out Project Eternity, a Kickstarter project by Obsidian.

I finally had time out of my day to make a contribution: $250.

I'm not saying you all should contribute.  I'm still skeptical how this will pay off, 2 years later.

But looking at that image set my mind nuts:

-The Fallout series.  My most favorite PC RPG of all time, Fallout 2.  The ever so brilliant jump to 3D, and then New Vegas.
-KOTOR 2.  One of the greatest female lead roles and supporting roles in a video game ever.  To hell with lip synch and a rushed ending: these characters are real.
-Alpha Protocol.  A tense spy thriller with brilliant dialog and choices that actually mean something.

Planescape: Torment.
THE Planescape: Torment.

Infinity Engine or new technology be damned:

You give money to Obsidian.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

ME3: Extended Cut Part 1

Finally getting around to this thing.

There's not much new content to look at, but the new stuff they did put in barely answered a handful of questions, and did so by digging themselves deeper.

Writers Note: One does not fill in a plot hole by creating multiple plot holes.

No idea what these people are doing.  Or, why they're doing it.  If they're going to make any worthwhile single player DLC, it best be after the ending.  (Yes, I've seen Leviathan videos.  My goodness.  It's like everything they do in the Mass Effect series subverts everything else that's come before.  It's sounding like some tacky murder mystery having multiple plot reveals introducing new motives every 10 minutes, and by virtue of the last page having the last reveal, that's how it all works.)

I'm beginning to think having continuity in video games is just a bad, difficult idea.  At least in Bioware's hands.  Hopefully the next Mass Effect anything is a reboot, or a re-envisioning, where they don't try and have a codex, and just be as stupid and random as they like.  We won't have to try and take them seriously; they'll just be another generic company making a sequel.  They're just some hack writers making some action game with talking Dr. Ekman heads.  At least the lip-synch is non-glitchy.

'cause right now, the only fun I'm having is laughing at the giant mess it's become.  That's not right.