Saturday, 30 June 2012

Since a lot of people were asking for a site to talk and post their comments beyond the youtube comment limit, I thought I'd open up a blog.  I'd like to think of "The Second Slice" as something to have while discussing art and science in a happy, social setting, similar in sentiment to ordering an piece of cake, pizza, or pie at a diner. (And most definitely not an additional razor blade cut in ones arm when trying to explain oneself to others.)

Hey, I'm Stefan Di Iorio, AKA smudboy from youtube.

I first started making youtube videos of the Mass Effect series primarily due to the uselessness of explaining things to people online.  Discovering that having forum arguments was equal to banging ones head against the wall, I sought other avenues.  In my videos, I try to be as impartial and objective as possible, and have very little tolerance for other peoples subjective inferences.

In my latest vid, I randomly look at the Top 20 (starting with the first 10) questionable things of ME3.

I enjoyed ME3 for what it was worth: it had a plot, it had characters and tried to do too much too quickly: but it was a fun, and memorable game.  The ending will go down in history as the largest illogical balderdash of ineptitude I've ever seen, and the most destructive.  The Extended Cut merely added to the kerfuffle: those who enjoyed it were only seeking drama, and those who saw it for what it was -- a continued waste of everyone's time, another series of lies, and ineptitude on behalf of the creators -- were even more disappointed; if that was even possible.

Will I do a vid on it?  If I have the time.  I think I'm recuperating from ME3 in general, and getting it out of my system.  Right now I'm enjoying iced tea, Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, air conditioning, the conclusion to Euro 2012, and the long, Canadian weekend.