Sunday, 3 February 2013

Saving Blue Vagina

Here I do an off the cuff review of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, aka, Mass Effect: Deception 2.0.  With special guest, Yuli!

It's fun, easier to make, and didn't take that much time to produce.  However, the next vid, I'll be back to my anal self, finding all the faults and problems in the lore, line by line.

Don't worry, I'm still doing the EC analysis.  It just doesn't suck my soul away as much as these.

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  1. Going by your description in the video, the sole purpose of Paragon Lost was to introduce James Vega before ME3. In and of itself, there's nothing wrong with that...but since I come from the SF Debris, Confused Matthew, and MrBTongue school of not really accepting extra-curricular material as canon.

    If I may ask, what's your opinion of using things not presented in the original games/books/movies/TV shows to support or back up plot points (I.e. what tvtropes terms "All there in the Manual")?