Thursday, 10 July 2014

And now we wait.

Back in Toronto, at my desk, at work.

It'll take a few days for the arbitrator to get a response, so I assume at least a week for a result on the arbitration hearing. The experience was rather low key and quick.

I took some photos of Philadelphia and all its Americana regalia. (e.g. Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin's grave, various buildings and monuments, etc.) Might've been because it was July 4th last week, but I got a BioShock/BioShock Infinite vibe. Loads of great craft beers. More than Toronto I think. And bacon fat popcorn. These people love sandwiches. I'll post some shots later tonight.

(I suddenly realize I need to travel more.)

P.S. 7-1 Germany-Brazil game? Thought that was an American football score.

EDIT (7/11/2014):Just have to pay the arbitrator for his services, and we'll get the result. My check's in the mail, so hopefully sometime early next week.
EDIT (7/21/2014): My check's been cashed. Now awaiting Julian to pay for the arbitrators services, and we can finally lay this to rest.
EDIT (7/24/2014): Results are coming today. Stay tuned.
EDIT (7/24/2014): I have lost the arbitration. According to the arbitrator, Mr. Kluk did not make knowing misrepresentations in violation of 17 U.S.C. Section 512(f).

Philly Cheese Steak, minus the cheese. Cute place called Sonny's.

One of numerous Washington statues.

The Liberty Bell. From the outside.

Another Washington tribute. In front of him was a coffin of one of his soldiers who "fought to give you Liberty."

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  1. (I suddenly realize I need to travel more.)

    You can always try the Fallout New Vegas Tour that this guy carved out for himself...