Thursday, 31 October 2013

I'm making a game

Or, at least attempting to.

Some may have noticed my lack of an update on my youtube channel (of my general musings to one story in some media or another that they like/dislike, which warrants some rambling from someone a bit more anal retentive than others.) This is due to me starting up a video game project.

Some may think: "but you're a literary critic." Well, maybe. But professionally I've been in software development for 7 years. I've gone to one school for computer programming, and another for video game design and development. I've produced one game from that school, and another with a buddy of mine, just to say we could do it.

Most of my time this past week was spent in a game engine, organizing strangers and building a design doc we can all charge forward with. It is an alleviating and tragic experience.

The project is loosely tied to various story and game play elements of the Suikoden franchise. Think of it as a spiritual successor.

If anyone's curious, or think you've got the chops, email me at


  1. Speaking of "Spiritual Successors", how close and far does the product have to be to be a successor but at the same time be a different thing, to avoid being sued by the Suikoden guys?

  2. You've not been talking about a paper prototype for this game. I think that could become a pitfall. (Like turning your level it into a physical board game with defined rules and some dices, and then work around with the MDA and then when the gameplay is balanced build it into the game)