Sunday, 29 July 2012

ME3: The Top 20 Questionable Things Part 2

Things that just keep me going "gar?"

I had a lot more to say, as usual, but I have a habit of rambling on, and had to cut this into 3 parts.  Symptomatic of the creator's dilemma, or the "editor's itch", I always want to go back and redo parts.  I have too many questions: why would the people that looked after Falere allow her to leave anytime?  Why couldn't Shepard have the option of saving Samara, and killing Falere?  Does The Code deal specifically with Ardat Yakshi's?  (If so, isn't that the perfect fit for an Ardat Yakshi mom?  But then, why would they not have rules against love?)  Why "should" Justicars visit monasteries filled with Ardat Yakshi's?  How could Sylvia Feketekuty give us Lair of the Shadow Broker, and the most meaningful, sentimental scene of the series -- Liara's Vigil -- yet give us...everything ME3 Samara?  (And apparently, the Geth Con-Tron-census rubbish?)  And why the hell can't any human biotic, Kaidan and Shepard especially, not figure out how to decrease their own mass, to "feather fall" like Samara and Falere do, when they're launching other people at various velocities and angles?

My job (I'm Canadian) has a weekly routine of getting everyone blitzed at work, but we make sure it doesn't impact our performance.  What is going on at Bioware?  When is ME: Deception ever going to get fixed and re-published?

Oh well.  Another month, another broken dream in ME3.

In other news, Google Adsense paid off, literally.  $102.60 CAD.  Don't ask me how that works.  One day it was at $6.49, and the next Google wants to hand me a triple digit.  So, thank you guys for checking out my vids, and putting up with those annoying advertisements.

I think I'll go get my guys at work hammered tomorrow.


  1. One of my problems with the Ardat-Yakshi mission was that her daughters were at a school FILLED with them even though in ME2 Samara said there were only three in recorded existence (her daughters).

  2. I love your videos Smud. As much as I enjoy the gameplay I laugh hysterically at the plot.

    Questions I have:

    Why didn't Shepard just ask MIranda where TIM was? Especially if you are in a relationship with her. SHe was on Cronos station she could have told the alliance where he was at.

    Now they are retconning the story by adding middle of the game DLC. Why not make DLC for stuff after you beat the game like rescuing stranded refugees or stop galaxy wide looting?

  3. Smudboy, you could make more money from youtube if you signed in with a network like Socialblade or machinima. Just saying.

    Enjoying the videos as always.

  4. A half-wit 8-year-old could recognize you're ME videos are full of stupidity. Your topics of discussion consist of 1) "no shit" moments, 2) lack of thorough thought on your part, 3) poor reasoning regarding true mistakes by BioWare. You're a liar and scum that cannot handle criticism or hold a discussion with someone who disagrees with your material, which is bland and poorly constructed. You either completely ignore people who disagree with you or block them because you're spineless. Have a nice day, dumbass.

    1. 1) Bioware does indeed make your brain go "duh" a lot. Or at least, yours. Apparently, this doesn't bother you.
      2) Such as?
      3) So where's your analysis video?

      How am I a liar?
      How am I scum?
      What criticism can I not handle?
      What discussion can I not have?

      I block people because they are either derogatory, or have nothing intelligent to say.

      I'm a "dumbass" If you're going to have an intelligent conversation, you need to leave your feelings at the door.